IoT Architectures

25 billion connected devices by 2021, according to Gartner. That’s a lot. Smart appliances, smart buildings, smart cities, from simple single-purpose sensors at home to industrial automation and Industry 4.0. Using our experience in IoT architectures and technologies we can make your business IoT‑enabled.

Location Tracking

Location tracking is quite a complex task with more than a few interesting challenges. Handling GPS source inaccuracy, sampling, history of GPS, smooth path tracking - interpolation, planning, probabilistic or geocoding algorithms - to name a few. We have an interesting know-how in this area.

Scalable Cloud Architectures

A scalability has become a default quality of modern cloud architectures. Thanks to container platforms like Docker, orchestrators like Kubernetes, we can provide highly available and scalable solutions from day one. With our DevOps experience we can run and monitor your applications on‑premise or inside big clouds like GCP or AWS. The choice is yours.

Big Data Collection and Processing

Handle high amount of ingress data smoothly using our expertise in distributed NoSQL databases like Cassandra or ElasticSearch. We can also help with existing data pipelines and enable further processing and integrations. Or we can build one on top of message brokers like RabbitMQ or Kafka. Also, it is crucial to provide a meaningful insights for the eye of executives, therefore we don’t forget to equip you with a real‑time dashboards using Kibana.

Backend and Frontend

Rapidly prototyping business ideas or building backend services for robust event-driven processing - that’s why we love Node.js and its ecosystem. We also understand needs of the enterprise world and for lot of our projects we build on Java EE (btw. Spring Boot rocks). On the other side we love to provide the best user experience and user interface in our mobile apps, exploiting ready-to-use services like Firebase. What about the web - Angular or React? We don’t take sides. In order to properly integrate backend and frontend logic we’re following industry standard RESTful API. Writing contracts in Swagger/OpenAPI, debugging with Postman - this is our daily bread.

Automated Testing

Tackling with undesired outcomes - software flaws during production can become a very expensive issue. We feel responsible to test first, that is why automated integration and performance tests are a must-have in our continuous deployment pipelines.